Printing on Clothing

 Prints and marking of clothing – LDP PRINT has extensive machinery for printing and decorating clothing. Depending on the print volume and fabric of the clothing, we use various techniques. You can order your own print on T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, caps, umbrellas and other materials. LDP PRINT handles every order from as little as 1 piece. 

Clothing Labels

Jacquard, sublimation, flex and thermal transfer labels. We offer the production of clothing labels in four different types: jacquard labels, thermal transfer labels, sublimation labels and flex labels.
Labels are an important element in production and marking of clothing. They give more prestige and create the brand image. Labels are used both in newly sewn garments as well as in catalogue garments where the original manufacturer’s label is removed and replaced with the customer’s label. Labels can be applied both inside the clothing as well as on the outside in order to emphasise the brand.

Custom Merch 

Running your own clothing brand.
If you are looking for an entity which will serve your merchandise in a comprehensive and complex way, you are on the right website. Our company is the only one in UK to offer a very wide range of services for creating and running your own clothing brand. You will not find such a wide offer anywhere else. At the beginning we will advise and help to design appropriate patterns of clothes and gadgets, then we will produce them together with the whole process of branding with accessories such as own labels, elastomers, cardboard labels, and finally we will store and conduct sales, customer service and full logistics of orders, returns and exchanges.

Celebrites & Influencers

Youtuber, gamer, blogger, influencer, celebrity
To meet the expectations of youtubers, gamers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities and other people with a large reach and numerous fans, we have introduced a complex offer of running their own clothing brand and perfume line. We take a very individual approach to future cooperation, giving the opportunity to choose the scope of services that we can provide. Our offer includes full consulting service as well as sales and marketing support, design, production of clothes (sewing and making prints) and perfume line, storage and logistics, shipping, customer service, post-sale service (returns, exchanges, complaints). There is a possibility of cooperation only in terms of production. Undoubtedly, our biggest advantage is that all services are provided in-house, without the need to use subcontractors (except for the perfume line), which guarantees the highest quality and short lead times.

Direct To Film (DTF) Heat Transfer

Printed from raster (,jpg) image
Printed from vector image
Printed from vector image

DTF combines the quality of traditional silkscreen techniques with the flexibility and convenience of digital printing. We tested DTF transfers for over 50 washes and they still looked great. These transfers are made to last! DTF uses water-based inks without harsh or toxic chemicals. Transfers come on recyclable transfer paper. Benefits: Unlimited colour options, Stretch and rebound – no cracking, Soft finish makes them feel like part of the garment, 60+ Washes – The NEW industry standard, Great for fine detail!

Screen Printing Heat Transfer

Printed from vector image
Printed from vector image
Printed from vector image
Ideal for bold prints when solid colour fills are required. Such as band name, hoodies and 1-5 colour logos when specific Pantone®PMS colours are required. Choose from 30 industry colours or request a special mix in the comment to order. Benefits: Stretch and rebound no cracking, Soft finish makes them feel like part of the garment, Transfer lasts for 60+ washes, Great for fine detail Custom Heat Transfers are an effective, high quality and efficient way to add your design to garments.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

STAHLS’® SportsFilm™ Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl
Layerd Siser Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl
Siser Flock Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl
If you have a simple lettering-based pattern we can cut it out right away with our advanced cutting plotter. We will help you to choose the right vinyl from a huge selection of different materials and colours. We use the Italian brand Siser and US brand Stalhs; their products are mostly Eco and VeganOK and can be used with any type of fabric.

Heat Transfered Patches

We are ready to affix any kind of patch to the baseball cap or beanie or any garment e.g. patches with the name of the band, the name of the tour, and the name of the venue. All of this on the same cap. Ironing in patches, as you know, requires that the patch has glue underneath. You already have patches made but they are without glue, no problem mate, we will add glue! And guess what… no minimum order quantity!


On Garments and Promotional Gadgets.Sublimation printing transfers your design onto a material or fabric using ink and heat. Scientifically speaking, it is the transition of a substance directly from a solid state to a gas state. It doesn’t pass through the usual liquid state and occurs at specific temperatures and pressures.

The process starts with printing onto a special sheet of paper and then transferring the design onto another material. This usually has to be polyester or a polyester mix for fabrics or a special polymer coating on items like mugs and coasters. The ink is then heated until it is permanently printed onto the face of the product.

Benefits: Speedy and efficient. Ideal for smaller batch orders. Excellent results with more complicated designs, giving you more freedom. Allows you to choose a design that can cover the vast majority of your product. Designs don’t crack, peel or fade What can I sublimate onto? Garments with a polyester or a polyester mix fabric or various blanks with a special polymer coating (such as our mugs and coasters). Why can’t I sublimate on dark garments? It isn’t possible to sublimate on dark-coloured garments because there is no white sublimation ink.